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Snow Plastic Mesh & Netting Products are popularly used as debris safety netting, scaffold net, shade net, bird netting, agricultural netting and wind screen, insect screening, oyster mesh, temporary fence, tree guard, turf reinforcement mesh, geogrid, ground stabilization mesh, knit mesh filter pad and engineering mesh.

[Our Featured Products: Extruded Flat Plastic Mesh]

Processing of Diamond Hole Extruded Plastic Mesh:

Extruded or stretched plastic netting is created in a continuous process in which plastic resin pellets are melted and pushed through a rotating die to form a continuous mesh. Using counter-rotating dies, joints are formed when two strands intersect or overlay each other forming a diamond pattern. Two distinct planes (known as flow channels in some applications) are created when the opposing strands overlap. The overall thickness of the pvc mesh product is essentially twice the thickness of each strand.

Processing of Rectangular Hole PVC Mesh:

Rectangular Mesh Plastic Netting is extruded using a circular oscillating die plate. Longitudinal strands are determined by the size of the holes around the circumference of the die plate. Cross strands are created when the die plate opens, creating an integral joint structure along the x and y plane.

Colors: White, black, orange, blue and more.
Opening: Square, rectangular, hexagonal, round, slotted, diamond, etc.
Mesh rolls can be manufactured in any height from lmtrs to 1.8mtrs.
Many different mesh sizes and roll sized available for these products. We can also produce other sizes as per customers' requirements.

[Our Featured Products: Warp Knit Agricultural Netting]

Knitted plastic monofilament netting available in single loop and double loop weaving. Needle types can be 3 to 9 pins. The pvc materials can be various from PE, PP, HDPE or with added special treatment agents to strengthen certain properties like anti-sunshine. Suitable for greenhouse shading, anti-wind covering fabric and bird control.

[Our Featured Products: Orange Color HDPE Snow Fence for Temporary Control and Warning Uses]

Extruded pvc mesh panels of High density PE U.V. stabilized with the rectangular mesh type. Re-useable, high strength, ageing resistance, anti-corrosion, lightweight, easy to install and take down. Portable fence barrier for warning of snow, hail, sand, dangerous site, crowd control, barrier for construction site.

Polyetheylene monofilaments with extra inforcement.
Orange color is the most popular for safety fencing uses, but other colors are also available in Blue/Yellow/Green/ White.

Popular Plastic Fence Mesh Hole Sizes for Options:
70×40mm, 80×40mm, 100×40mm, 110×40mm, 70×26mm, 80×26mm, 90×26mm, 00×26mm, 110×26mm, 65×35mm, 70×40mm, 60×40mm, 50×30mm, 50×50mm.

Choose according specific applications or email us for suggestions.

Construction Site Safety Fence

HDPE, PP Mesh Fence

Material: HDPE polyethylene, PP with UV stabilizer.
Mesh Shape: rectangle mesh type, oval openings, round opening, diamond opening. Rectangular mesh is popular with fence panels.

Green color plastic mesh for construction site safety fencing uses

Building Safety Mesh

We can provide plastic safety net used as building materials. Anti-burning and fire proof plastic mesh with excellent tension strength.

Extruded Flat Mesh for Grass Growing Area Ground Reinforcement

Grass Mesh

Heavy duty extruded plastic mesh used for grass protection by forming reinforcement mattress in grassy areas. Turf mesh protects the grass growing in parking areas, driveways.

Bird Control Shading Screen Mesh

Agricultural Open Area Windbreaking Mesh

Plastic mesh for agriculture application, mainly serve as wind blocking screen, designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover for the growing plants, seedlings, etc.

Lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging shade net offering large-area coverage.

Shade Net for Greenhouse

Greenhouse Covering Knitted Mesh Fabric is made of Polyethylene (HDPE) material adding UV stabilizers.
HDPE Shade Net Needle type: 2 pin, 3 pin, 6 pin, 9 pin. Shade rate: 30% to 95%.

Falcony Netting

Anti-Bird Netting

Popular Hole Types Bird Nets:
15x15mesh bird netting;
Diamond opening bird netting with opening of 20mm or 30mm;
Square mesh bird netting with opening of 12mm or 19mm.

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