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Plastic Mesh for Fencing, Safety Construction, Conveying, Agricultural Shading and Various Uses

Plastic netting processed of polyethylene and polypropylene enjoys the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, fine toughness.

Typical Uses:

Plastic mesh barrier for trees and plants, providing protection against rabbits and foraging animals. Available in a range of different mesh sizes and weights.

1.Plastic netting barrier offers tough property yet lightweight, it is rot proof & lasting for long life.
2. It is economical, high UV rating, giving several years protection while using of it requires only two support stakes to secure.

Common Mesh Size: 90mm x 40mm
Weight/m2: 130gms
Roll Size: 1m x 50m 
Colour: Green, orange, blue, yellow, etc.

Roll Size: 1m x 30m

Case Study on Orange Safety Fencing Mesh:

Plastic netting safety fence used in construction sites, railway, sporting. gardens, agriculture, engineering, snow area and other events.

  • Plastic Mesh For Barrier Safety Warning Fencing
  • Plastic Barrier Fencing Mesh For Garden Fence
  • 100g Plastic Orange Waring Safe Mesh For Barrier Fence
  • Color:orange
    Packing:plastic film
    Use:fence mesh
    Feature:long life



Specification of Orange Snow Fence:

Width(m)  Mesh GSM Color
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 80 x26 140/160g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 70 x26 180g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 60 x26 210g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 80 x45 140/160/200g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 65 x35 100/110/120/130/140/160g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 70 x40 120/140/160g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 80 x65 120/140/160/180/200g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
1/1.22/1.5/1.8 50 x30 200/240g Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green

Major Application Illustrations:

Extruded nets of Plasti             Temporary Safety Mesh Fencing of PVC Mesh Fabric

Hexagonal Plastic Mesh Poultry Net FenceAgricultural Bird Control Net

Plastic Mesh Application For The GardenTurf Reinforcement Plastic Mesh

Knitted Shading Windbreaking NetConstruction Debris Safty Net

Knitted Bird Netting    Greenhouse Shade Netting


Baling Mesh

Warp Knitted Agriculture packaging baler net

Also used as Plastic Filter Media: Ceramic filter ball/sand media:
Ceramic filter ball / sand media has stable chemical performance, including attrition resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, large specific surface area, strong sewage treatment capacity, good absorption, uniform granule, appropriate specific weight, and long lifetime.

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