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Knitted Plastic Net Trellis for Building Construction Safety Netting

We can provide plastic knitted safety netting with anti-burning material. Available in black, white or green. Construction nets create a protection barrier enclosure for both workers and individuals around the building site, as well as for properties around the work site.

Choose Plastic Meshes for Safety Uses from Popular Types We Offer According to Technical Requirements and Uses:

Three popular types to choose from according to reqirements:
1. Light Type Building Safety Netting: Light weight knit polyester mesh to entrap small debris. Custom made to any size and colors.
2. Medium Type Building Safety Netting: Designed for catching small or light debris containment. Durable and reusable mesh fabrics with a range of mesh sizes for options. Design load rating : 2000 lbs.
3. Heavy Type Fine Mesh Scaffolding Enclosure & Debris Protection.

Fine mesh construction available in either a strong high density polyethylene (HDPE) or a more flexible polypropylene (PP). Debris Netting Knitted Mesh used for scaffolding enclosures, debris protection, wind screen or shading screen. The knitted mesh design provides containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear resistant.

Heavy Type Construction Netting Common Specifications:
Material:100% Virgin HDPE+3% uv, Fiber glass monofilament.
Standard Weight: 50gsm ~ 260gsm, Other special weight is also available.
Width:1.5m , 1.8m , 2m, upto 6m or as you need.
Length: According to Customer's Request.
Mesh Density: ≥800head/100cm2.
Tensile strength: Approx.550 N/5 cm.
Temp. Resistance: -40°c to +80 °c.
Weaving: Plain weaving.

Green PVC construction building scaffolding safety net, thick mesh of 3mx6m/1.5mx6m, used to avoid the harm on people from object falling.

Scaffold Safety Net for Construction Safety Uses

Anti fire debris building plastic scaffold safety net, 1.8mx6m/1.5mx6m, used to protect the people who work in high and maintain building site clean.

Plastic Trellisanti fire debris building plastic scaffold safety net

green construction building scaffolding safety net

Benefits and General Uses of Plastic Mesh for Construction:
Our net design utilizes double strand construction for optimum strength and durability. This unique design provides the highest degree of performance while maintaining a lightweight product that is as easy to install as it is strong. The personnel safety nets can be combined with a debris liner to provide both personnel and debris protection in one system. The nets are available for a wide range of applications which include:

  • High Rise Construction
  • Bridge Construction and Repair
  • Roof Replacement and Repair
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Shafts and Openings
  • Steel and Concrete Construction
  • General Fall Protection

anti fire debris building plastic scaffold safety netHDPE plastic Fire retardent construction safety net

Construction Safety NettingConstruction Safety Netting

General Technical Information:
Material:Polyethylene (HDPE)
Length: 1m-300m as per requirement.
Width: 1m-6m as per requirement, Max.6M
Color: Green,Black, White, Red or as per requirement.
Weight: 15g-300g/square meters or as per requirement.
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle.
Easy to install, economic and secure solution.
Treated with UV: Ensure the nets keep long lifespan.
Packing: roll or bundle.

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