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Black Diamond Hole Plastic Mesh HDPE-for Oyster Breeding-Oyster Growth Mesh and Cage

Plastic mesh with uniform diamond hole is made of high density PE (Polyethylene) material extruded into rigid netting sheet. With lightweight, versatility and durability, Diamond Plastic Mesh is ideal for aquaculture netting for breeding of oyster, also used for guarding fence and light safety fencing uses.

Choose Plastic Diamond Mesh According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

Dimaond PE Mesh Common Specifications:


  1. Aquaculture Netting for oyster, shrimp, crabs breeding.
  2. Agricultural Fencing for gardens, poultries, animals, agriculture uses.
  3. Protective guarding netting for plants, ponds, and pools.
  4. Safety Barrier for construction sites.

Diamond Plastic Mesh as Oyster Netting offers five beneficial properties:

  1. Durability: Oyster mesh made from high density polyethylene, highly resistant to corrosion in salty water, making it ideal for aquaculture.
  2. Mesh Size: Mesh hole sizes can be chosen to meet the specific requirements of the oysters, allowing for proper water flow while containing the shellfish.
  3. Weight: Lightweight nature of the PE mesh ensures that it won't overly weigh down structures while still providing enough strength for containment.
  4. UV Resistance: PE diamond mesh is UV-stabilized to withstand exposure to sunlight over time.
  5. Flexibility: The mesh is flexible, can be used to different oyster farmings.


Plastic Diamond Hole Oyster Mesh can be supplied in various forms for growing oysters, juvenile oysters enclosure, rounded oysters and protection of oysters during strong currents.
Mainly five types:
Oyster cage;
Floating oyster bag;
Oyster tumbler;
Sealed oyster bag;
Rack and Bag System.

Processing: High density polyethylene extruded.
Color: Black, dark green.
Mesh hole: Diamond.
Mesh size: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 23 mm.
Sheet size: 0.5m -2m, length 1m to 50m, custom size available.
Weight: 360g -900g for 0.5m x 1m sheet
Shape: Flat, tubular.

Diamond Hole Plastic Mesh for Aquaculture Netting

Plastic oyster mesh diamond hole 9mm x 9mm, made of 100% VIRGIN HDPE, UV stabilized, sheet size 0.5m x 50 m, Black color, roll weight 40 kg/roll.

Polyethylene Diamond Mesh for Poultry Netting

Diamond Opening PE Mesh
Material: High density polyethylene netting
Hole size: 7.62 mm x 7.62 mm
3.92mm thickness

14mm diamond hole oyster mesh HDPE UV treated in black
Diamond PE Oyster Mesh, made of 100% VIRGIN HDPE, UV stabilized, mesh size 14mm x 14mm, sheet size 0.5m x 50 m, Black color, roll weight 40 kg/roll. For oyster float cage.

Diamond Plastic Mesh for Protective Guarding Uses

Diamond PE Mesh 6.25 mm x 6.36 mm
60” width Diamond PE Mesh
Hole size: 6.25 mm x 6.36 mm
Material Polyethylene netting
3.302 mm thickness

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