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Plastic Drainage Grid Mesh

Plastic drainage mesh is used within a geotextile drainage membrane, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the geotechnical market. Drainage nets are used by customers in many composite products laminated to a variety of film and non-woven materials.

Mesh thicknesses range from 4.8mm up to 7mm, and the sophisticated design allows for high flow rates, with excellent crush resistance at light weights. This allows a range of effective products at highly competitive prices.

Drainage plastic mesh is made from the material HDPE with various mesh apertures and thickness. Colors standard for drainage plastic is black.

Extruded plastic mesh for geotextile drainage membrane

Colour:white,gray,red,green,yellow etc.
Hole Size:2-15mm.
Hole shape:diamond.

Plastic drainage board for waterproof

3D geotechnique drainage board is made of three dimensional spatial tructure plastic nets core bothsided composite geotextile and into a new type of geotextile materials.
Property:inverted filter, drain away water, ventilation, protection.

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