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HDPE Orange Mesh Portable Fence Barrier provides traffic control for work zones and hazardous areas

Warning Barrier is also called Safety Fence, made of HDPE or PP material, with UV additives, stretching into a netting structure. Popularly offered in eye-catching orange color. Orange plastic mesh fence is widely used as mobile barrier for construction sites, road work, home and garden, new building construction, traffic and crowd control, Hazardous chemical areas, snow and sand areas.

Choose Orange Safety Fence Plastic Mesh According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

General Technical Information

Material: made of HDPE polyethylene, PP with UV stabilizer, resin.
Mesh Size: rectangle mesh type, oval openings, round opening, diamond opening , the main mesh is rectangular and oval.
Weight: 80-350g/m2.
Width: 1M, 1.22M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2M.
Color : orange, yellow, black, green, blue, but the most popular colour is Orange

Orange Safety Fence Barrier is mainly used in crowd control, snow & sand fencing, hazardous walk areas, also warning areas:


Orange snow safety fencing:
Specifiaction:100-400grams/sqm can be manufactured
Mesh size: 65×35mm, 70×40mm, 80×65mm, 50×50mm, 60×40mm are all available
Width:1m,1.2m,1.22m, 1.5m, 1.8m
Length: 20-100m is all available.

HDPE warning safety plastic fence barrier
Normal width: 1m ,length: 50meters per roll.
Weight per sqm:110g/m2,160g/m2,280g/m2;

PP safety mesh offers barrier for dangerous areas at construction and excavation sites.

Orange Plastic Mesh Fence for temporary fence

Orange fencing in 1000mm high x 50 meter roll

Orange color Virgin polyethylene pvc mesh used in construction sites and crowd control.
Highly visible barrier witrh oval mesh openings, UV protected.

Mobile PVC Mesh Fence

Temporary Control Orange Fence:
1) Colors: orange, green, black, etc.
2) Width: 90 - 120cm
3) Weight: not less than 120g/sqm

Packing: Usually it is packed in rolls in transparent plastic film bags with labels inside, and loosely loaded into the container or pallet.

Orange Safety Fencing   


Specification of Extruded Plastic Mesh for Fencing:

Art. No. mesh size weight specs
PLF0601 40×65mm 130g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0602 40×65mm 130g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0603 40×65mm 140g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0604 40×65mm 140g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0605 40×65mm 160g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0606 40×65mm 160g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0607 40×65mm 180g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0608 40×65mm 180g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0609 40×65mm 200g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0610 40×65mm 200g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0611 40×65mm 240g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0612 40×65mm 240g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0613 40×65mm 250g/m2 1m×50m
PLF0614 40×65mm 250g/m2 1.2m×50m
PLF0615(extruded) 55×55mm 550g/m2 1m×30m

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