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Plastic Mesh Tubes

We supply plastic mesh fabricated tubes and baskets for industrial and filtration uses.

Choose Plastic Tubes according to Technical Requirements and Applications:

Perforated plastic tubing

Perforated pvc tube has two main sizes:

Diameter 22 mm x 45.48 mm Length
Wall thickness: 1.8 mm

22 mm Diameter x 56 mm Length
Wall thickness: 1.8 mm

The mesh patterns:
Circle, Square, Diamonds.

Circular Hole Perforated Tube

Prefilter Plastic Mesh Tube / Cylinder / Basket

Tube fabric: Extruded HDPE mesh or woven polyester mesh.

Extruded HDPE Mesh Tube 

Plastic Mesh Tubing - Filter Tube

Plastic mesh tube, size 70mm diameter x 1700mm, used as filtration part

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