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BOP stretched PVC Mesh Trellis for Fruit Growing Protection

Plastic BOP Stretched Netting is easy to install over fruit growing areas within the garden. This type of pvc trellis fencing can be used for fruit cage netting on fruit cages, protecting crops from butterflies, birds, pigeons, rabbits, squirrels and other similar pests.

Choose Plastic Mesh Trellis According to Technical Information and Uses:

Mesh size:from 2mm-50mm
Weight:120 g/m2, 240g/m2, 400 g/m2, 550 g/m2
Feature:Protects your home & foundation from damage,Prevents infestations of pests and birds.

Technical Information:
Material:100% virgin HDPE or PE
weight: 35—40g/m2
Mesh hole:15*15mm;20*20mm;25*25mm;30*30mm
Colour:blue;yellow;green;red(as per required)
Width:MAX 20M(as per required)
Roll Length:1-50M;1-100M;1-200M (as per required)
specs: 2×20m


1) Reinforcement net for geomat;
2) Agricultural netting (anti-bird netting), the oriented size is 1-4cm,prevent all kinds of birds from destroying the agricultural products.

Good flexibility;
High tensile strength;
Aging resistance;


Fruit Protection Trellis Nets

Specification List of Stretched Plastic Trellis

4004 10 mm Square 25 - 45g /m2 1600 mm - 2100 mm Silver / Black
Green / Unbleached
4005 12 mm Square 25g /m2- 45g /m2 1600 mm - 2100 mm Silver / Black
Green / Unbleached
6 mm Square
8 mm Square
25 ~ 45g /m2   Silver / Black
Green / Unbleached
4003 8 mm Square 25 ~ 45g /m2 1600 mm ~ 2100 mm Silver / Black
Green / Unbleached


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