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Polypropylene Deer Fencing Barrier

The plastic extruded mesh range is available in sizes from 1m wide up to 2m wide, and in small, medium and large mesh apertures. Stretched PP mesh has a multitude of uses including fruit cage mesh, garden mesh, anti-bird mesh, plant support mesh, sports high ball stops, deer fence, litter fencing, general garden fencing mesh, climbing plant support, and plant protection.

Choose Deer Fencing According to Technical Requirements and Types:


UV Stabilized Black Plastic Polypropylene Deer Fence
Black Netting
Polypropylene Knot Deer Fences
Plastic Mesh PP Material Deer Netting Fence.
Silver Gray Polypropylene Bop Stretched Deer Fence.

PP Mesh Panels with Rectangular Holes
Black Mesh Heavy Duty 2 Inch Polypropylene Mesh Deer Fencing

Rectangular Hole PP Deer Fencing
Polypropylene Pp Stretch Poultry Fencing Net

Snow supplies UV-coated Polypropylene Deer Fencing Mesh made of extruded PE/HDPE/PP.

Materials:polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP,PP, PE, with UV protection.
Hole shape:Hexagonal, Diamond, Square Oblong etc.
Mesh size:10x10cm/13x13cm/15cmx15cm;
Hole:4mm to 100mm.
Roll Width 1.0, 1.2, 1.22, 1.5, 1.8m;
Length:Normal size is 30m, 50m,20-100m.we can do the size as per your request.
Color:black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red etc.

PP mesh has the following features:
■Ageing resistance, Anti-corrosion, Re-usable, Flexible and lightweight. 
■Deer netting fence is easy to install
■High tensile strength
■Deer fencing nets are UV stabilized
■Available in a wide range of roll widths and length
■Deer netting is chemical resistant
■Can be tensioned ensuring flexible protection to the deers

The majority of of plastic deer fencing netting is in black. Other colors also available upon request.

Silver Gray Polypropylene BOP Stretched Mesh Fence

PP Material plastic stretched net,have Higher tensile strength with low material cost and can meet multi purpose application.

Plastic Mesh Panels for Animal Breeding

Material: Polypropylene (PP) + UV
Mesh Hole: 8mm - 100mm
Density: 8g/sqm - 300g/sqm
Color: Black, Silver Gray, White, Transparant, Green, etc

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PP Deer Fencing
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