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Knitted Anti-Wind Plastic Netting for Cladding and Wind Protection

Knitted pvc net designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Plastic windbreak mesh offers good wind speed reduction, allowing sufficient air through to enable plants to breathe. Suitable as windbreaking protection netting, it will protect plants and seed beds from wind, frost or strong sunlight. Ideal for shading conservatories, greenhouses & polytunnels in summer. Wind breaking mesh has sewn eyelets for easy fixing. It can protect animals from insects and birds when fixed on windows or doors of hutches. Normal service life extends to 6-8 years. 50% Density. Windbreak cladding mesh can be simply fixed onto a frame for many applications. Windbreaking mesh is bi-oriented and therefore has a higher tensile strength.

Choose Windbreaking Netting According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

Plastic Shade Net for Agricultural Cladding Fabric, with Windbreaking Property

Technical Classification

Windbreaker net for tennis court;
plastic agriculture balcony windbreak net;
windbreak construction safety net.

• Manufactured from high density polyethylene
• UV stabilised and rot resistant
• Good wind speed reduction.

Windbreaking Mesh at 40% Shade can have the following roll sizes:
1m x 50m Length plastic netting;
Width 1m wide per running metre;
Width 1.5m x 50m length plastic netting;
Width 1.5m wide per running metre;
Width 2m x 50m Length;
2m wide per running metre;
3m x 50m;
3m wide per running metre.

Windbreak Mesh at 45% Shade Rate can have the following roll sizes:
1m x 50m roll plastic netting;
1m wide per metre;
1.5m x 50m roll;
1.5m wide per metre;
2m x 50m Roll;
2m wide per metre;
3m x 50m roll;
3m wide per metre.

50% Shade Rate Wind Netting can have the following roll sizes:
1m x 50m roll plastic netting;
1m wide per running meter;
1.5m x 50m roll;
1.5m wide per running meter;
2m x 50m roll;
2m wide per running meter;
3m x 50m roll;
3m wide per running meter.

Application: Plastic or PVC windbreak netting is designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover for the growing plants, seedlings, etc. It is suitable for open areas, glasshouse shading and reducing heat loss in greenhouses (between 5-7%) representing significant savings on fuel costs.  
Aesthetic green color, black color, blue colors available.

Windbreak Shade Netting

Weatherproof protection mesh against sun, wind and heavy hail damage. Plastic windbreak or shade netting will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and it is UV stabilised.

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