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Agriculture Covering PVC Mesh for Crops and Vegetable Seedling

Agricultural covering netting is widely applied for protection of various cereal and oil crops, vegetables, melons and fruits, flowers, tea, domestic fungus, medicinal materials, etc.

Choose Crops Protection Ground Covering Plastic Netting according to technical requirements and uses:
Product Technical Features: Simple in structure, durable, high quality and inexpensive, with multiple protective functions such as shading of light, cooling, humidification, anti-frost, anti-storm, anti-sandstorm, anti-hail damage, avoiding the damage of birds and insects. It can greatly improve the output and quality of the plant.

Tensile Breaking Force: Latitudinal≥280N Radial≥180N.

Weather ability: Retention rate of tensile breaking force after the exposure test under xenon light >50%

Model Specifications: Width with 1500~6500mm, Length alterable, Mesh with 15~150mm

Agriculture Covering NetPVC Mesh for Agricultural Uses

Plastic Agricultural NettingPVC Knit Netting for Plant Protection

Woven plastic protection mesh

Material:100% HDPE new material, UV added
Net weight:15g/sm---100g/sm
Mesh size:8mm----50mm or as your requirement
Length:50m ,100m or as customized
wire diameter:0.1mm---1.3mm
Service life: At least 5 years
Tips:white color anti hail net material is appropriate, according to years experience, in order to prevent weathering and anti aging, to extend the term of land use, after fruits and vegetables harvest, net should be pulled to the bundle end or the net recoverable under storage,it will be better.

Agriculture Nets with foldable shadding net greenhouse:

Specification for Greenhouse:
Length: 20m - 100m
Roof height: 3.87m/4.87m
Gutter height: 3m/4m
Wind load: 0.50KN/m2
Snow load: 0.25KN/m2
Suspended load: 0.10KN/m2
Maximum drain volume: 140 mm/h.

PP&PE Woven fabric ground cover:

Material:100% material of PE/PP
Net weight:70g/m2--200g/m2
Net width:0.4m-6m
Rolls Lengths:50m,100m,200m or as your request.
Sheet measures:On Request
Shade rate:30%-95%;
Colours:Black, Green,Or white(any colour is available)

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