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Stretched Plastic Mesh with Weight Ranges from 8 to 80 Gram Per Square Meter

Bi-orientation stretched mesh has light weight, simple physical structure, stable dimension, high strength, and durable property. PVC stretched light mesh is suitable for various agricultural, industrial and gardening uses.  

Stretched Plastic Mesh for Bird Control

Choose Light Weight Stretched Plastic Mesh According to Applications:

Popular Applications

Garden Trellis Plant Support:

Extruded PVC Mesh Garden Trellis


PVC stretched mesh is used as reinforcing rib in the architecture, such as plasterboard and wall plaster,etc.

Daily life Packaging:

Used as reinforcing rib in the packaging paper bag to increase the strength.

Agriculture and fishery:  

Used as anti-bird (insect) net for its properties of high strength and light weight;

Used as shade net and climbing net of rattan plants, such as cucumber, loofah, pumpkin, etc.

Used in the fields of marine lives breeding, poultry breeding, and area division of marine lives breeding for its high impact strength.

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