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Plastic Geogrid for Soil Stabilization Reinforcing in Road Pavement

Plastic net is widely used as geogrid materials in construction of highway, railway, port, airport and municipal engineering project.

Choose Plastic Geogrid from Popular Types We Offer According to Technical Requirements and Uses:

Major Types:

Plastic geogrid can be made of three types:
Single direction extruded plastic mesh, double direction extruded plastic mesh and compound polyester geogrid with plastic coating mesh.
Both biaxial and uniaxial pattern available.

Road Pavement Reinforcing Fabric Polypropylene Geogrid

Plastic Geogrid, Double Direction Extruded: Width: (m): 4; Length: 30m


Plastic and plastic coated polyester geogrid find popular uses in reinforcement for various kinds of soft soil foundation to evenly distributed load stress and reduce uneven settlement;
With the property of not easy to generate static electricity, and anti flammability property, plastic mesh grid is used to wash coal;
Support in the recovery working face of coal mine and roadway in the coal mine;
For strengthening of construction materials;
For railway and road bases;
To strengthen the loading capacity of the bases in following engineering:
- Bridge abutment walls
- Bridge elevation walls
-Strengthening soft roadbed of airport.
-Strengthening soft roadbed
- Road widening
- Steep slopes
- Reconstruction of landslide areas
- Construction for gaining space
- Walls for recreational areas
-engineering, dam, landslides and retaining wall.

Plastic Geogrid, Single Direction Extruded: Width: 1m or 2m; Length: 50m

Plastic Coated Polyester Geogrid for Soil Stabilization

Material:Plastic, Polyester
Wire Gauge:0.4mm
Mesh Size:15cm
Hole Shape:Square

Reinforcing Mesh MattressHigh strength, high modulus, and low shrinkage, low elongation industrial geogrid panels with Polyester fiber as raw material

It is warp knitted with oriented structure and in the condition of no bending among warp and weft direction. Its crossing points are bundled and bended together by high strength long polyester fiber forming tough conjunction. Then it forms into mesh size product after coated with high quality
oil or watersoluble PVC which improves its strength, various technical standards and gives full play of
its mechanical property.

1. Aging resistance and high tensile strength;
2. Pre-designed and easily combing with gravel and soil;
3, Wide application: Polyester geogrids can be used for applications such as slope stabilization and reinforced retaining structure systems where unidirectional strength is required.With the properties of fast and economic application, high resistance against earthquake forces, flexible integrity, and also aesthetic appearance, the fields of use of various earthy construction.

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