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knitted PP mesh Filter, polypropylene mesh demister Pad

Knitted wire mesh is available in copper, stainless steel or plastic for filter uses. Supplying forms can be filtration tubes, demister pads or bags.

Choose Knitted Mesh Filter Pads According to Technical Requirements and Uses:

Monofilament Knit Nylon Netting

Wire diamter: 0.10--0.55mm,normal the diameter is 0.20---0.25mm
Hole size: the hole size can be 2x3mm 4x5mm 12x6mm,or as your requirement.
Surface: smooth and ripple(diffirent types)
Width: the width for the gas liquid mesh filter is 4--60cm, normal if the width longer than 60cm it is usually export to other countries.
Material: material for PP ,PE , PVC and so on.

Plastic Mesh Demister Pads:

Precision filtration pads made of knitted plastic wire mesh offering maximum opening and contact surface. Available in various aperture sizes and dimensions, it's useful to trap liquid droplets escaping along with vapor that prevents high boiler products droplets carry-over into low boiler top condenser.

P Knitted Mesh for Mist Eliminator

Specifications of Plastic Knitted Wire Filter Mesh Fabric:

Series Model
Bursting Strength
Air Permeability
(L/sqm.S) @200pa
(T=twill S=satin
Staple Fiber
Mesh Series
4131 161/122 315 1550/1100 35 P
4212 236/114 390 3500/2100 170 T+terry finish
2316 232/60 400 3050/600 120 S
1140 433/157 425 4200/1200 45 S+terry finish
2402 236/118 530 4800/2300 110 T
Filament Filter
Mesh Series
B6840 268/157 495 4500/3800 75 T
5422 535/220 570 5000/1650 15 O
1058 413/228 590 5000/3100 75 O
10828 425/110 640 >5000/2100 28 O
9963 389/248 690 >5000/3000 15 O
Filter Mesh
3130 427/220 250 2550/1250 560 T
1382 425/169 290 3150/1400 100 S (mono-multi)
5744 1134/400 310 4500/2200 90 O
6022 630/214 326 3250/2350 110 S(mono-multi)
12870C 625/216 480 3500/2700 110 O (double layer

High Strength PP Plastic Knitted Wire Mesh

PP knitted wire mesh is mainly used for polypropylene mesh demister, mist eliminator and other filtration uses.


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