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Plastic Chicken Netting Hexagonal Mesh

We supply Plastic Net for Chicken, Rabbit and Poutry Fencing Uses.

Plastic hexagonal mesh is also called Chicken Fencing, or Poultry Fencing, because this kind of plastic netting mesh is mainly used for farming of rabbit, chicken and various poultry.

Plastic Hexagonal Chicken Fencing is supplied in plastic mesh and plastic coated galvanized mesh.

Choose Chicken Wire According to Technical Requirements and Applications:

General Technical Information:
Material: Plastic poulary mesh can be made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), PE.
Aperture: 0.2-6cm;
Thickness of plating: 1-4.5mm;
Width of net: 70-300cm;
Usage:chicken farm;
.Length: Normal size is 30m, 50m.we can do the size as per your request.
Weight: 8-10G/M2;
Popular Mesh Size: 150mm*170mm, 125mm*125mm;
Hole shape: Hexagonal, Diamond, Square Oblong etc.
Weight: 100-1200g/m2.
Color: black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red etc.

Plastic mesh for chicken netting
Mesh Plastic Fence:
Material: Polyethylene
Color: Green, black, others
Roll width: 2.3m
Roll length: 130m
Mesh size: 3 or 4 cm square

Hexagonal Hole HDPE Mesh for Chicken Fencing Uses
Green PP Net Extruded in Flat Hexagonal Mesh for Chicken and Duck Breeding, 1260 x 1400 mm

PVC Poultry Netting Fence Mesh

Orange Color Hexagonal Hole Shape Plastic Poultry Netting, PP with UV, Net Width 4.2m

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